Divorcing Dudes


Going through a divorce is a hard, lonely process filled with so many emotions and complications. It’s even harder when you feel like there is no where to turn to get some advice from someone who is either currently going through it or someone who already went through the process.  As I rode the rollercoaster of divorce, I found myself looking for advice on the internet that focused on the man’s side of divorce however, I could only find sites that were either written by lawyers or only addressed the woman’s side.  I could not find anything focused on what I was experiencing, needed advice on or what I had questions on.

We are here to help, share stories and support each through this awful time by focusing on the man’s side of divorce.

Think of this site as a fraternity, a brotherhood where men come to get advice, share stories and vent about what they are experiencing.  We can get through this together. If my story can help even just one person get through this ordeal just a little easier  – it will all be worth it.