The Start of a New Beginning

If you are anything like me you go about your everyday routine thinking your life is great the way it is. Then suddenly one day it all changes, the world as you knew it comes crashing down and you wake up to your wife saying she wants a divorce out of nowhere. After the initial shock, anger and disappointment subsides, you agree and think to yourself how hard can it be to get a divorce.

Let me try and help you understand what happens next. Although hearing your wife say I want a divorce may come as a shock, be advised that she probably told you several times and in many ways before but you just weren’t listening

I was a loyal husband never cheated or thought about cheating. A loving father to our son who was three at the time this story started. Like most people I woke up in the morning took care of household chores, spent time with our child and went to work to make a comfortable living for us.

All of a sudden my life was twisted and my focus in life changed. Instead of dealing with work and providing for my family, I was forced to deal with a family falling apart, divorce court, lawyers, judges and all of the other problems that come along with divorce. As if going through a divorce isn’t hard enough, at one point during this ordeal, I even had to deal with a judge who was later removed from the bench and forced into retirement for consistently stepping out of line and abusing his power with his warped way of thinking which ended up destroying many families in the process.

There are a lot of details to my life and my story, which I will get into later but at this time I am giving you a quick summary just to get you started.

If you are reading this you are probably in the middle of a divorce process, starting one, or talking with your wife about getting one.

I intend this site to be for everyone, no matter what stage of divorce you are currently in. This site will take you from dealing with the initial shock of hearing “I want a divorce”, hiring a lawyer, dealing with the broken and often corrupt divorce court system, reaching a settlement and moving forward with your life.

As I am not a lawyer, I am not providing any legal advice. However, that being said, I will tell you my story from my experience and will give you unbiased & raw advice, which will probably be better, then any advice you will get from a lawyer.

So let’s get started with the issue your wife wants to get a divorce. Be advised this isn’t the END OF THE WORLD…. It is just a new beginning once you actually get there. It’s a journey and to actually get there the divorce process and legal system has a trip for you.


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