When is it time to Stop and Settle

That question definitely takes the cake in my opinion. You have been fighting for months; maybe even years and all of a sudden you wake up one morning and decide the fight isn’t worth it anymore. The day that I decided that I was going to throw in the towel and settle, I didn’t plan on calling it quits.  It just wasn’t fun to spend all my time fighting and playing the game anymore and actually no one else wanted to play anymore either.

We spent the last three years in and out of court fighting about anything and everything and just going in circles.  I was exhausted, the lawyers were running on empty and the judge had already made critical errors in the case and was likely going to be removed from presiding over the case or at the very least his ruling would be appealed.

The only one who wasn’t ready to settle and move forward with her life was my soon to be ex-wife. She was continuing to fight like it was still day one of this court case. She was on her third lawyer, this was the third judge assigned to preside over our case and this was our third time in settlement talks.

I was not looking forward to dealing with another the long drawn out settlement meeting and getting nowhere. The last settlement negotiation seemed like it took forever, but I was hopeful it would lay most of the groundwork a settlement we agree to. At some point during this meeting I realized that even though she wanted to keep this fight alive, I had a choice to make I could either end it now or keep this fighting going for another several months or even years. I realized I had some control over this situation and could end it now and not waste any more of my time or money on legal fees on something that will not end any differently. I began to realize that sometimes it cheaper to settle with my ex than continue to pay legal fees.

Try to keep youremotions separate from your financial decisions because sometimes it’s just not worth the fight.

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