It’s a whole new game – Pick your battles

Whether you are in the middle of the divorce process or finally finished, everything you thought you knew about how to resolve issues with your ex-spouse involving the children you have together changed as soon as you began the divorce process. When we first got married and decided to have a child together, decisions that impacted the well being of our child were usually made together however, after divorce this is no longer true and typically the custodial parent holds all the cards when it comes to the final say even if… Read More

Divorce Court – A Biased System

The world has changed, but the divorce courts have lagged behind. In a fair and equitable system assets would be divided so that each parent can afford to provide for the children in the same manner.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and in most circumstances the system will favor the woman and disproportionately, harms men. Divorce Court has not caught up to modern day society.  Decades ago, family structures were such that most men went to work and most women tended the home, partly because open discrimination against women in the… Read More

Children and Meals – Now What?

Roughly half of all American marriages end in divorce and some studies suggest 60% of those splits involve children.A divorce brings a number of lifestyle changes.  For many dads, that means tackling meal planning for kids for the first time. In many families, mothers often handle the cooking duties. I’ll be honest; initially even the thought of having to prepare meals and shop for groceries was intimidating. When I first got divorced, my child was young and a picky eater. Like most young children, it is considered an accomplishment just to get him to eat… Read More