Life Moves on…

The adrenaline rush is over; the courtroom, daily fight and the ex are all gone.  The lawyers have even stopped billing and now you begin to wonder what to do next. As time passes you begin to adjust to your new “normal” –  the monthly payments due to your ex, her new complaints and even threats become just a part of your daily routine. Life keeps moving on and before you know it’s a year later and in some ways things have changed and in other ways you may still feel as… Read More

Never Say I Can’t

I have always had a problem with the word can’t. I can’t cook dinner or I can’t figure out how to fix a faucet or I can’t do laundry. As I went through the divorce process, like most of you I encountered various obstacles, which I was forced to overcome. As my life changed, I now not only had to deal with finances and work but also daily household chores and caring for a child. Many people would offer their advice on how to do things. Although some advice was helpful there were… Read More